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Prof. Shekarau Yakubu Aku (Chairman)

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The Mission statement for NNMA reads: “Committed to stimulating and rewarding, academic and professional excellence for national development of Nigeria”. 


Innovativeness and Creativity have created more power, prospects and progress than the opposite: The more we cherish and acknowledge the gift or our mind, the better we can change our society.

Mr. Namadi Ibrahim

Executive Secretary
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The attention of the Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA) has been drawn to a publication by some unscrupulous organisation who are parading themselves as a committee of the Nigerian National Merit Award and are in the process of conferring awards on some unsuspecting Nigerians

The said organisation, via their publication signed by one Prof. Faruk Mohammed, informed those concerned of the shift of date of the award from May to 12th June, 2022. The organisation is also requesting for money from those to be awarded.

Given the above, the management of the Nigerian National Merit Award therefore wishes to use this medium to inform the public about the dubious activities of the organisation. the said organisation are craftily using the Nigerian National Merit Award name, logo and website address to defraud innocent people

For the avoidance of doubt, the Nigerian National Merit Award will never demand any money under any guise from interested applicants. Our nomination forms are open and given free of charge to all Nigeria citizens. In our process, from the nomination form up to the conferment of the Nigerian National Order of Merit Award, candidates are not expected to pay anything.

The public and all well-meaning citizens are hereby alerted that the said organisation / committee/ group is not representative of the Nigerian National Merit Award and is not in any way affiliated with the agency.

The public is strongly advised to disregard any information emanating from them.



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