Executive Secretary
Prof. Shekarau Yakubu Aku (Chairman)

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The Mission statement for NNMA reads: “Committed to stimulating and rewarding, academic and professional excellence for national development of Nigeria”. 


Innovativeness and Creativity have created more power, prospects and progress than the opposite: The more we cherish and acknowledge the gift or our mind, the better we can change our society.

Mr. Namadi Ibrahim

Executive Secretary
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The Governing Board of the Nigerian National Merit Award is currently soliciting nominations or applications for the award of the Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) for the 2023 round. The deadline for nomination is 31st March, 2023. Nominations are valid only for the year of nomination. However, candidates who have been previously nominated should state clearly additional work(s) done since they were last nominated or the new grounds for re-consideration of their nomination. You can download form below.

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